Changing horses

I bought Mod two years ago fulfilling my childhood dream, my own horse.

I had worked with arabians for for ever so everyone was very suprised when I ended up with a draft horse. But I always loved draft horses, and I think I was coloured from a performence I saw as a child, set in the 1700 and Carolean soldiers in their blue and yellow rode in to the arena on North Swedish draft horses. Also, in my ignorance I thought a north swedish would be somewhat historically accurate.

Bottom line is I did not know rossfechten was the thing I wanted to do. Had I known that I would have been looking for a different type of horse. I dont think no north swedish can do rossfechten, on the contrary there are many lighter built energetic ones that I think would fit.

But Mod is heavy built in front, and has big issues with raising his wither. Not that he cant do it, but it is massive work. Also he does not have the mentality for diving into dressage work. He is lazy, and his biggest joy in the world is standing still and eating.

He is amazing at travelling and with other horses,  but I need a little more than that.

Mod is the most charming horse, but he also has alot of will. It is a hard desicion parting with him as I put so much work into him. No one, including me, believed we come as far as we have on such short time. But then I think, I could had come even further with a little more willing horse.

We had fun and we have been noticed everywhere we gone ❤

This week I have 2 persons that are coming to look at him and now its getting real.

But all in all, I think he will be happier somewhere else, and that makes it a little easier.

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