Hutter -mounted fencing

During a sparring session a while back, we were just playing around with what to do and did a technic where one person is coming towards a non-armed person in half-sword. The non-armed then takes the sword over the other persons head and pulls.

Off course there are issues with this, like being avoided getting stabbed by the sword and so on.

Then I went trough Jörh Wilham Hutters manuscript and found a similiar technic! Granted he uses his own sword to place upon the opposers neck, but still!

(For video go here and it shows at min 10:00)

I tried to deschiffer the old German text, but failed. Cause I wonder how he gets to there without getting a sword in his face or chest?

Here is the text if someone is intrested

So dich ainer also hatt vber fallen wellen so win[d] dein knopff in die höch vnd das ortt gegen der erden vnd wind wol vber Sein arm daß schwertt lass hurren in dein mitelhaw vber dein kopff legs im sein hals vnd greiff mit deiner tengken hand in dein schwertt truck wol nider zeuch an dich So wirfts du in von dem gaul deinen zaum wir[f] an den hacken wie oben Gmalt Stett das stuck haist Beschliesnus beÿ dem hals

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