Not according to plan

Things are NOT going according to plan.

The plan was to sell Mod as soon as possible and get a new horse, either buy one if I by chance there is someone suitable out, or lend one until I found one to buy.
Then one I would be able to have time to train for all the events this summer.
But no.

Mod is lame. I thought it was just that he strained himself playing in the muddy pen with his buddies. But 4 days later and he is still not better, so tomorrow I will go to the clinic.

So not only I have a horse I cant sell. I have no horse to train with. I have cavalry training to attend, shows to practise for and technics and dressage I need to improve. I have clinics and training weekends further down the line that I need to plan for. And on top of that the money. Money I could have put into a new horse, or saddle.

And on top of all that missing fencing training due to needing to go check on horse as he is on stable rest. And of course feeling sorry for Mod, for hurting….

Yes, Im whining, but all these things adds up. Its not just that he is lame and that sucks. Its all that it entails.

At the moment all I can do is wait. And I hate waiting, I want to be proactive, Im restless, I need to DO stuff!

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