Riding pants

I dislike normal riding pants as I find them to tight and you cant really move. I want something I can both ride and fence in, and, as happens, wrestle in. I also love the early 1900 estethic and always loved the knickerbockers.

So latley I have been looking for a pair, but not really finding any I likem. As I want them quite loose and below the knees.

And when I recieved the perfect knickerbockers fabtic, I decided to try to sew a pair myself. I havent sewn anything really since highschool (except a few newsboys caps these last weeks), and I just took eye mesure of a pattern on the computer and just winged it.

They are far from perfect and a real tailor would probably be horrified. Bur they are wearable and I can get away with it as long as you dont look to closley. So all in all, Im happy.


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