First cavalry training of the year

Finally the first cavalry training of the year! Since I couldn’t bring Mod, my amazing friend Matilda lent me her lusitano stallion, Vappe. I had never ridden him before, but he is such a sweetheart, one would never think he was a stallion, and he is like 10th of Mod in with so was a very different experience.

In the first session we just practiced the usual formations in walk and trot, and also turning on the hunches in line, so all horses turn with the same distance between them. It was very fun to ride a different horse, and what a difference it was from been riding Mod for 2 years.  On Vappe I could actually raise the wither to stop and move him, or use the hips, just the slightest, to move the hind legs. On Mod I can never do that, I have to like mold him to do things, and use so much strength to even get a reaction. Turning on the hunches was just like turning myself around, sure it had alot of things I could improve, but it was more about me and the horse getting to know each other.  Vappe was very nice to me, and tried to understand even though I must have been very unclear to him. I am used to have such a wide and huge horse that I must use my lower leg in a position very far back, which I dont need to on a normal horse, but I keep doing it as that is what I have in my muscle memory.

In the second session we did environmental training, putting out all sorts of things in the manage, tarpaulins,  cardboard figures, wooden boards, obstacles and so on. Vappe couldn’t care less, so I tried to do some canter, which failed miserable. I think I was a bit stiff in my hip, and he thought it was very strange with everything AND me on the back. So me and Matilda swished horses and I got to ride her lusitano Eco for a while. He is such a nice horse to. Canter with him was much easier, and I actually did beginning of a canter piroutte.

In the third session we went out to the paddock and practiced with smoke, and as before Vappe seemed not even to notice all the smoke. He was more annoyed over the bad ground, which was just iced snow.

Im so happy I got to lend Vappe for today, it is so much fun getting the feel for another horse and he is such a asweetheart!



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