Fencing training has begun

January started a bit slow training-wise. My fencing clubs classes did not start until this week that was, but now finally its go time!

Before I only taken sword and buckler class, but I felt I wanted to expand to longsword as so much revolves around the longswords terminology in Rossfechten, and also, I want to be able to handle a longsword! My rossfechten partner-in-crime is also taking longsword and sabre courses, but in a club nearer where she lives, but she decided to come and train at my club as well. So today we where both at the longsword class that started for the term. It was a bit slow for us, since, my friend already gone one term longsword, and even if I haven’t really trained longsword specifically I know the basic of it. But it was still fun, and hopefully we will soon start with the mastercuts, which is what I need to know.

Then after 2 hours of longsword training, my sword and buckler class began, so total of about 3,5 hours training. And tomorrow I will do sidesword with the third rossfechten girl!

So this spring I will train about 4 classes a week in fencing on foot! I really hope that will show in my fencing skills!

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