Lichtenauer lance plays

I got some food for thought the other day when in a forum it was asked if people did or wanted to do rossfechten. Most people said they wanted to start, but I kind of felt, but I do rossfechten. I ride and I stab things, that what I do?
But then I got a little self conscious, cause Im not very good at it, but is rossfechten just at a certain level? I dont think so, you do HEMA, even if just is at your beginning. If you read and try to do the stuff from manuscripts, dont you do rossfechten then? Even if your really bad at it? I think so, anyway.

But then I thought, I practise my fencing on foot, to be good, and get better understanding for rossfechten. Everything I do with my horse, is to get the movement for rossfechten. But actual real rossfechten I kind of only train with others, which is sometimes several weekends a month, or it could be several month in between.
And then I thought, I should do more rossfechten training even without other people. So said and done I decided that at least once a week will be lance work. Not only just to train the technics, but also to get the strength, and familiarity with the lance.

Here is some video from my first try. It is with plays from lichtenauers teaching and the Van danzing interpetations. Its about that when you are being pursued on the left, you turn right, and if you getting pursued on the right you turn left.

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