Rossfechten weekend

Just got back from an amazing weekend that was all about rossfechten and fencing. Since we aren’t that many people doing fencing on horseback, and we don’t really live that close together so we were a couple of friends who gathered this weekend to get to do some real training.

Usually we mostly focus on swords, but this weekend we actually focused on mostly other things from horseback. Alot of lance technics. There is so much more to lances than just riding toward each other, there a fints, and disarming, and grabbing with two-hands and so on. So we looked at a bunch of those technics.
Then of course we did some sparring, with swords, and also some grappling, although not that much.

Since the horses gets tired faster than we do. We put in some foot fencing as well, so we did poleaxe (which I love) and I got to sparr with longsword and sword and buckler! I was so happy!

It was a great weekend with a lot laugh, and alot of things learnt and to ponder!

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