Talhoffer – My Golden dream

I have been looking for a new horse for a while, and even though there is quite a few horses for sale, very few matched my criteria.

I wanted a spanish horse,  gelding, max 10 years, and not to educated, but still broken. I read so many ads, watch so many videos, was in contact with people all over Europe. It felt like I would never find the dream horse. Until one day my friend sent me an ad for a beautiful golden horse, and we were like, this is the one! Funny thing was, the stable he was in the area I grew up. So under a crazy weekend, where I travelled 1000 km in under 24 hours, I went up to Stockholm to meet mr Golden boy. He was a 10 year old spaniard cross breed that come to Sweden about a year ago, and then bought by a women who wanted a horse to learn to ride on. And a very sensitive spaniard wasnt really the way to go. But for me he is perfect. He is very sensitive, but always want to please, on the other hand still a little rascal with a twinkle in his eyes.

His registered name was Napoleon, but I didnt really like that. It is such a mainstream name, and I wanted something… more. I had a whole range of name, but the one that stuck was Talhoffer.



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