Talhoffer first clinic

Go big or go home, right?

So after just one week after I got Talhoffer home we where arranging a weekend clinic with Arne Koets. Since it was arranged at the place we have our cavalry reenactment group, the focus was on horses vs foot people. Trying also to raise some interest among the regular HEMA fencers for rossfechten.

First day I had one single lesson with Talhoffer, where we just focused on me and him finding each other. He i very flexible in his body and has a very poor posture, and a back that is like a banana at the moment. So lots of shoulder in, and just trying to raise the back and getting him to find the right posture for his body. But it is fun to see the video, cause even though I get a bit flustered with myself, I am constantly grinning. Just looking so happy! In the afternoon we did a triple lesson, where the focus for my part was getting him used to riding with the other horses, riding towards them and then they got to do passades with and without lances, and I was just walking and trotting calmly amidst it.

Second day we had a group lesson with both horses and foot people. Here I was not asking anything of Talhoffer, other then that he was to follow the other horses and much as possible and then walk around calmly on a distance he felt okay with. He did so good. First time with people running around with sticks, horses cantering all over the place, I could not ask for more than that he was keeping calm.

In the afternoon we had a single lesson again. It was the last thing of the day, and I really felt that my mind was complety burnt out. I was so mentally tired and had no patience what so ever. Talhoffer started with that he refused to step on lines that had been made from the previous riders garrocha work and I was just, I cant take this right now. But Arne was smart and put out cones for us to ride around and after a while both me and the horse totally forgot about the lines and calmed down. It was not the best lesson, my back was stiff, which you can see in the video I keep falling forward, Im tired, the horse is tired. But we made trough it and even with those circumstances it still felt a whole lot better than most of Mods lessons.

All in all I was so impressed with Talhoffer. He just moved a week ago, and then he travel again to a new place, with new horses, doing hard work, both for the body and the head, and he never just shuts down, he just goes with it! And sure he jumped a few times, but then he calmed down immidietly. He really is a golden dream horse!


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