Talhoffers first cavalry training

I just cant believe what golden gem I have! He is unbelievable!

Sunday is cavalry training, and I brought Talhoffer to participate in the first, beginners, session and my helper Camilla took Mod. First session is only formation in walk, and sometimes trot and maybe canter depending on the horses participating. For most part a totally new horse will not really go close together with the others, but will slowly move closer and closer. When I started with Mod, it took several times until he walked at ease in the middle or in the first row. Granted, I was not as knowledgeable as I am now, but still. Talhoffer, sure he thought it was a bit weird, and he shyed a few times, but in all, he walked in the formation. We could both be on the inside, outside and in a line, and in the end we even did it in trot, and could hold our position fairly well. I am just, speechless!

What I am also so happy with is that I really worked with his shoulders to calm him down. When he gets nervous he speeds up, and to calm him down I am working on moving his shoulders and crossing his legs, in very small shoulder- in an travers, cause I dont want or need to pull the reins. In the end we really found each other, and I could sit with literally nothing in my hands and still calm him down.

Second session we had training on the field, where we was practicing a new scenario where we are attacking a tent camp. I let Talhoffer sit out that one, and I rode Mod, and then another had an extra horse, so Camilla got to ride a western horse. It was such a great afternoon. We charged over the field back and forth, and Mod was cantering with the others. Then we got to stab down the tents, and in the end on of the tents was burning! It was just so much fun.
Unfortunately we will miss that performance as me and Talhoffer is going to Germany then, but it was still great practise!

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