Long week and escaping ponies

This weeks has been long, I dont really know why, but I felt tired. My back hurted really bad for the first time in while this monday. It could be cause I rode Mod on Sunday, so I actually did something I selldom do. I skipped training…

I went to the dance class, but I skipped the sword training. Although on monday we were to have Ringen training, which I really need, but I also find it abit scary with my bad back. But I really needed that evening off (or evening, I got home at 1930). But I for once got sometime of beeing hously.

Then before swording on Tuesday I had to put the horse-time on checking the paddock as they are digging cables and I had to check the ground. And then yesterday we had a dinner for a colluege at work that is leaving, so late evening again.

Its like I just want to spend time with my horse! And apprently he is getting bored to cause when my help in the stable was there in the afternoon he came trotting into the stable by himself. Leaving intact fence and a bewildered Mod.

Its like, no, just no…I cant have a fence jumping horse! So before they been given their dinner outside but now they will have it with the other horses indoors. Hopefully that will stop the breaking out tendency…

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