Show at Bohus Fästning

This morning I loaded the trailer with horse and uniform and went the 10 minute ride to Bohus fästning where we were to perform with Bohus Elfsborgs Karoliner at the summer season opening of Bohus fästning.

Mod was in a really, maybe not bad, but weird mood from the beginning. He did not want to stand still during preparation, and reacting to things he normally will not react to, so I don’t know what was with him. Our first thing was just to walk up to the fortress and then stand for a canon salute. Mod did really well, we hadn’t really practiced that much with canons this spring, but he reacted a little but not that much.

However, later we were walking up to the fortress, standing in our line and then do our formations drill. Then suddenly he couldn’t stand in a line, he was just backing up. I think maybe he was expecting the canons, but I don’t know. Its like, formations we do all the time, we never have a problem with that, but it only shows, its animals we work with, not machines. But then when we started to walk, it went better.

The third performance went okay as well, he only fell out one time, once again, when we where standing on a line, but then we went over to coloums on three and then it went fine. We went trough infantry, and that was no problem at all.

People always look at Mod and says he is so calm and nice, nothing could ever be a problem with him, but the thing he no herd mentality which means that when he think it gets to much, he just barge away from it. So I dont ever want to push him to much, especially with audience, or in a new surrounding, cause if he decides, enough is enough, I cant stop him. And he does find the shots difficult.

But all in all, it went good. I had a fun day with my friends and horses. Me and Matilda went on a very nice ride around the fortress, really beautiful surroundings and basking sun! Just wished it could been longer!

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