End of an Era

Two and a half years ago I bought a fat raggedy angry north Swedish draft horse.  A horse that half the time I could not even get to walk out the stable yard, leading him. Two years later, we are travelling across the country, performing, training, piaffing, wrestling, swording, you name it.

Mod was my first horse, and I never thought I would sell him, but I never knew I was to be doing the things I do today when I got him. I did not even know these things existed when I got him. Mod do not really like to move, he is a bit like Ferdinand, he rather sit under his cork tree sniffing flowers. And I want to train, I want to go places, I want to do everything! Its kind of obvious that is not the best combination.

That was the reason I concluded that we needed to part ways, and today he moved to his new owners. He moved out to the country, with other draft horses and two women who will spoil and dote over him. It is prefect for him!

Still it is a bit of identity crises for me. For the past years Ive been the girl with the big draft. And we have done so much together, we really know each other inside and out. I know I will get there with Talhoffer as well, but it takes time to get to know someone that well.

I wish him all the best! And I truly believe this is the best for him and this will make him happier in the end.

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