Walpurgis night

In Sweden the 30 of April is Walpurgis eve. Its a tradition to light bonfires and… well I think that is it. We stand out in the cold and watch fires, and all the teenagers use it as excuse to get wasted.

As one might figure its not a holiday I really celebrate, I cant even remember the last time I actually did something special for Walpurgis night.

But yesterday was a full day, filled witj everything, horses, swords and dance. First I was in the stable for a couple of hours getting Mod ready for sale.

Then it was the first session on the new tango class Im taking. I was a bit nervous, as it was a new place, new people and so on. But I was pleasently suprised! Here it was abit younger (can you say cooler?) crowd, the teacher is from Argentina, and focus was much more on feeling and presence. Which I really liked! Just not taking the steps, but, I dont know how to explain it, really getting the feeling.

My back is somewhat of an issue, because I get critic that I tense up, which I think other interpet as Im being uncomfortable, but it because in the close embrace my back tense. Which makes me tense…. but Im thinking the better balance and the more practise, it will get better.

After tango class it was straight to sword and buckler practise. Where we celebrated with cake! Because in our manuscript, the I33, a women is depicted as a fencer and referred to as Walpurgis. So we feel that Walpurgis eve is really ours to celebrate as bucklerists!

And after cake, what better way to celebrate than beat each other with swords! So the last hour or so we just sparred. Great fun, even though I was dead tired. Which I told a sparring partner at one time, and he was like “so I dont have to prepare for all the grappling” and I was like, no, no grappling tonight.

Instead I tried to focus on really lookibg for openings and strike and parry at the same time. It went,, well not really as good as I like. I really need to be less wobbly with my sword, so will need to find excersices for it.

But all and all, awesome Walpurgis eve! I cant convey how I love our club, training is always a blast! Its just amazing people to hang out with! 

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