Showcasing HEMA at Olympia day

This weekend it is “Olympia day” at Liseberg here in Gothenburg, where alot of sports where shown on the grounds of the amusement park. My fencing club had a spot to show what we do, and also some time on the main stage where we showed some sparring of the different weapons we teach.

I had such a good time. It was so much fun seeing the kids faces just light up when I put a steel sword in their hands. Fencing is really for all people, and the most interested person we had all day was a middle-age women, I just loved it. I really hope she shows up to training!

The days number one question asked was:
Is this a real sword?
Is like- well yes it is a steel sword, and no its not sharp. But it is a real training sword…

Second was this kind of conversation (that happened more than once…)

-do you do sport fencing?
No, we do historical fencing, so no sport fencing
– So you dont have any sport fencing?
No, as I said, we do historical fencing
– But you only do that? No sport fencing?
No, sport fencing, only historical
-but why dont you have sport fencing?

After a whole day, we went out for a well deserve after-fencing drink! Burger and coke, perfect way to end the day.

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