Working Equitation

The ones who bought Mod, talked about that they trained working equitation for this trainer called Anna Backman, and after what they said she sounded just like the trainer I have been looking for. The style of riding in WE is close to of what I do, so I have been searching for a trainer in the vicinity, and then they had group training this sunday, so I thought why not.

It is a good prepation for Talhoffer before the trip to Germany, so said and done I loaded up him and drove the one hour to Orust. What was a bonus was that Mod also was in our group, and he looked so happy!
We joined the last session before summer break, so they built up a obstacle course, but me and Talhoffer took it a little bit easy, just trying out the different obstacles. All in all Talhoffer did very good, but he was a bit stressed. But sometimes he just goes up in stress and react, without really being scared, if that makes sense?
I never done WE before, but I really like it because the different obstacles really can make you focus on different movements, and you can raise the difficulty with how you do them.

One thing I notices is how different I look at a obstacle course like this now, from before I started with rossfechten. Take the slalom. Before I would have just thought of the bend of the head (stellung), but now I was thinking of how the hind legs should move, when one could do shoulder in or travers. Really thinking of every movement in every turn.

Then it was the little thing of going home. Talhoffer was so tired, and the thing that makes him go into the trailer is food, but he was like just shut down. So I think we stood on the ramp for 30 minutes, before I figured out to offer him the hay and not the musli. I was offered help, but I really did not want to force him in, unless completely necessary. But with the bribe of hay, I finally got him in without to much stress.

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