Family visit

Last week my dad was visiting and of course he wanted to see Talhoffer.

Talhoffer was in a very nice mood, he had his days where he suddenly freaks over basic things, but not this day. I saddled him up and rode for abit in the arena and when I was done dad asked if he couldnt have a go.

I was a bit hesitent as I never had a beginner ride him, and I had experience rider having difficulties. I just saw for my inner eye Talhoffer sprinting one way and dad going the other, but thought if you never try you never know.

Said and done we got dad up in the saddle, which was a tad to small for him, and to short stirrups. But off we went, and it went remarkable nice!

True Talhoffer didnt really want to leave my side and I had to try to get dad to understand that you had to move the shoulders on him, not just kick him with the feets…. and also that he is on a curbbit so you need to get the outside when one turns. But all in all, it went pretty nicely considering dad is a beginner and Talhoffer is… well Talhoffer.


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