Varberg Medieval Fair with real jousting

This weekend I met up with some friends to go to the medieval fair at Varbergs fortress. I attended at lecture from Albrechts bössor that was named “Armour – the knight from the inside out”, but when they came into the room they where dressed in the usual 14-15th century foot soldier garbs, and I was like, No, are they gonna claim this is knight armour? Really?
But I shouldnt have been worried, they really knew what they where talking about and the first thing they said was “you all been lied to, this is not the knights armour from the inside out, as you can all clearly see, we are not knights”. But apparently it was thought to draw in a bigger crowd if the word knight was used, which is probably true. All in all a very interesting lecture, even though I got to bit my tongue a few times to bite down the urge to answer some of the audience questions.

The highlight of the visit was of course the knight tournament. Which for once, and maybe for the first time in Sweden, was authentic 15th century. It was conducted by the Stichting HEI, a group from the Netherlands, which of one of the members is Arne Koets, who I train for. This time they had three riders, Wendy and Bertus, who I also met in Germany and who where the combatants, and Wouter who was the judge.

It was so nice to see the real stuff, the gear is amazing, and the riding is fantastic. They are all excellent riders, but there is something special with Wendy and her horse Yasta. I got to sparr with her in Germany, and they are so insync, and even though it sometimes gets intense, her riding is always so nice.

After the show we visited them in the camp and looked at their saddles. My friends Kristian is a saddle maker and have made a couple of medieval saddles and Im hoping to get one in a not to distant future. So we both take every oppertunity we can to look at saddles first hand.


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