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Talhoffer is a very sensitive boy and he has some trust issues with people, therefore I have been very restricted with pushing him away in any sense. Always wanting to encourage him to come closer and not wanting him to feel unwanted, if that makes sense. But then yesterday I wanted to take som photos, and I thought I could make him canter some in the pasture. You dont need to chase Talhoffer in anyway, its enough with just pointing and taking, not even a step, and he takes off and I really thought out trust fund would be stable for a task like that. But it wasnt, so when I was going to catch him afterwards he was too wind up and didnt wanted me to get near him. He gets like that sometimes and I dont think he is actually scared of me, only that he gets so caught up in himself that he doesnt really see me.
The thing is when he was dodging me around the other two horses, one got annoyed and left and the other, Fred, who is very old and huge, started to acting up as well. I thought he was going to chase Talhoffer so I was about to tell him off, when I realised, Fred was helping me! He corned Talhoffer against the fence everytime he tried to bolt off, and told him off until he stood still and I could catch him. It was so amazing seeing the calming effect Fred had on him. And as usual,, as soon as I could touch him there was no issue.

But it was also nice to see that later when I was going back to the pasture with Talhoffer, I got proof that our trust fund wasnt completely drained. We met a deer in the woods, that stood and watch us for some time, but then it bolted off into the forest, which made Talhoffer bolt the other direction. I couldnt hold him, so I had to let go off the lead rope, but Talhoffer only cantered a few strides, and then stopped, turned to look at me, and then I could just walk up and take the rope and carry on.

Then when we got back to the pasture, Talhoffer for some reason ran off to the opposite side of the pasture from where the other horses where. So he got a bit winded up when he couldnt find them. Fortunatly the other horses are abit brighter so they came and met him,and then Fred, once again went up and just calmed Talhoffer down. Talhoffer was then just rubbing against him and just wanted to be close. So sweet to see.

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