Battle of Torpa

This weekend it was the Torpa stenhus medieval days, and my cavalry reenactment group performs at the event.

I really think this event is one of the highlights of the summer, as the surroundings are just astonishing. Its this white washed castle by a lake, far out on the country side, and it is a fairly big market where everyone is living medieval style in tents. Its just such a cozy and warm atmosphere. And the battle is also really fun, as we meet fully plated guys so we can just go nuts and bash. The more furious we are, the happier the event master is!

This year my horse wasnt really ready for it, so he stayed at home, therefore I thought I was just going as ground crew, but then one of the other riders had a spare horse, so I got to lend him. It was a bit of an adventure, as it was Jojjes, the horse, first event, and my first time ever riding him on the rehearsal friday evening, and then we had two shows, one saturday and one sunday. But he did splendid, I didnt push him to get into any real fights, but we followed the other horses, and got to clink some sword, so all in all it went really well.

As I said we only had two performances during the entire weekend, so the rest of the time was spent walking the market, socializing, looking at the beautiful Torpa stenhus, go swimming in the lake, just enjoying it. Saturday evening some of the foot soldier guys where sparring in the camp, so I asked if I could join, and ended up sparring the entire evening. It was so much fun!

All in all the weekend was amazing, I just love these little reality get aways ^^

And here is some photos from the Torpa shows, photo cred and thanks to:  Dominique Lussenburg

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