Making progress

As I may have said before Talhoffer had have some issues with the trailer. So me and a friend have been practicing. Last week we drove away from the stable, just a km or so, to unload, and try loading again. In the stable he has gone straight on, no problem. But at the new place he refused, then it took maybe 30-45 minutes to get him on again. So we tried again yesterday, where he went on perfectly, we drove off, but to a new place, but still just a km or so from the stable, and then unloaded. Then tried loading again, he was hesitant for a second, but then just went straight in and I could manage everything myself! I was so happy! And during everything he was much calmer then he ever been before.

Then afterwards we went on a hack, and sure Talhoffer had some speed in his step, but on the trail I could do shoulder in to travers transitions, really nicely. Some real progress!

On to this morning, where I drove off to be in the stable at 05:00 to meet the farrier. Talhoffer didnt freak out once! That may be totally normal for other horses, but for Talhoffer its big progress! Sure we didnt put any shoes on the back hooves, but still. Last time the farrier could hardly even get near the back hooves.

So I just feel like, yes we are making progress! 

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