Recharging batteries

I have layed low a little with my online activity, not completely gone, but just, taking a little break, finding the joy in it again, having some vacation time.

I spent time out in my family cottage on an island in the archipelago, just swimming in the ocean, enjoying the sun, solving cross puzzles, beating my little brother with swords, you know the usual summer things. But now Im back home in Gothenburg again, which actually feels nice. I really missed my horse!

My life is weird, because it really goes in cycles, which I should know by now, but for some reason I never learn. So in the beginning of summer I was a little down,  because my calender was, like, empty. There was not much training, not much for my horse, I dont know, everything had just ended and I felt, like abandoned. I must say, the feeling was not justified, and I dont really know why I felt like it, maybe because I just for the first time in a long time had… well time? And for a while nothing went really smooth, the horse was acting up, the car was acting up and so on.
Anyway, then, now, its crazy. I dont even want to look in my calender because Im double and triple booked for all this fun amazing stuff! And I met and meeting all these amazing people, and Im like, why was I ever feeling down? Why didn’t I just take that window of free time to just recharge and take a break, instead of feeling sorry for myself?

So back to crazy Linda-life, with going to Germany to perform with my reenactment group for four days in Germany next week, then weekend after that is Norway and then it just is an ball in motion… I think it is going to be a really cool autumn!

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