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    Carolean weekend

    This weekend I was marching around in a small suburb to Gothenburg dressed in uniform. It was an autumn fair and our Carolean group had been asked to go around and give abit of flair to it. Unfortunately the weather was against us and was pretty rainy. Luckily we were not shooting, only marching around and talking to people. My gun was seriously rusting as I was looking at it.  But we talked to people, got photographed, drank coffee. On Sunday we ended it with going to an ice cream bar that was on the street and had some well deserved ice cream, it was really nice.

    I also trained some longsword with the Gothenburg Freefencers guild. It was my second training with them but it was really fun, we did some footwork and I really need to start doing more excising focusing on flexibility in my hip. Because Im getting the strenght, but really feel my stiffness is hindering me. To bad I will be gone for two weekends (they train on Sundays), but it will be other fencing related things, so it will be fine.

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