Train for the best to be the best

Often when talking to people about trainers and instructors and I say that Im still looking for some more local trainer to train for. But that I have a hard time finding one, and people keep saying “well I can understand that at YOUR level”. And for me that is such an odd way to look at it. Im not even at my level, or the level they think I am, I think. If that makes sense.

If I want to be at the top, why should I train for anything less? It may sound smug, and its not that I dont train for instructors that is not at a certain level. But why should one think that “Im not an elite rider so it doesnt matter” or “Im not an elite rider so Im not good enough to be a student for that person”. Its such a weird thought for me.

As I said, I dont choose trainers after merit, I dont look at dressage scores or what they do. I look at what type of shape they teach, and then when I ride for them I assess how far I think they can take me. Do their teaching makes sense to me? Am me and the horse having fun? Am I getting pushed? Because I want a trainer that sees our potential and get us their and can see how much both me and the horse can be pushed. Because if I know I can just be given a direction and a push in the right moment me and the horse can do things we only dream about.

So dont put yourselves down people. Go and train for the best, that is how you become the best!

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