Its alive!

Horses and swords is alive again” One and a half year later, I am back!

I kind of lost steam abit when I couldnt get the libraries up and running as I wanted, but now I found a solution that, at least I, think gives a pretty good overview.

Often I come across manuscripts on both horses and swords that I then forget to save or save in different locations, or think I will remember, which I very seldom do. So this page is kind of my own little library on the web, but maybe others will find it interesting as well.

I might update regarding my own adventures, but that is not really the focus for this page, I dont know if that is something people will turn to a blog for? If it is, let me know. Otherwise one can always follow me on instagram: Horsesandswords. I also have a ambition to maybe publish some of the things I find interesting.

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