About me

~Just a silly girl with a horse and stick ~

My name is Linda Ersson and I live in Gothenburg in Sweden, and I have a andalusian gelding named Talhoffer who I drag across the country, trying to get a grasp on rossfechten..

History and horses has always been two of my passions. I was that kid who never got bored of dusty old museums and was every history teachers worst nightmare cause I, for the most part, new more about the subject than they did.

So imagine to my delight when I found a way of combining the two! And in combat as well, which, as an all time weapon enthusiast and army soldier, is just to good to be true.

Some overview of horses and swords interest:

– Sword and buckler at GHFS
– Long sword at GHFS
– Side sword at Sjuhärads fäktskola
– Attended the Harnisch fechten symposium 2018 and 2019
– Attended the Rossfechten symposium 2018 and  2019
– Reenacting 18th century cavalry
– Rossfechten and historical dressage
– Trainers Ive taken lessons for: Arne Koets, Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg, Johanna Nygren, Monika Sanders, Anna Backman, Maria Pihl, Lovisa Baldal

I created this site, as I do alot of reading and research for my own learning, and thought I might put up the things I find intresting. As there might be other who also find it intresting, and then they don’t have to do the same work as I did.

I also get alot of questions and instead of having to explain and dig out illustrations and information everytime, may be easier to just have somewhere to refer people to.

In the library you will find links to downloadable manuscripts and compilations of illustrations/paintings of horses and combat, divded after century and information of from when and where the picture is. I thought that might help to have it in a side by side comparision if one wanted to do something HK from a particular era.

If you find inaccuracies, have questions, want to discuss something or just come with cheerful encouragement, feel free to comment or contact me!