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    Knight of Skanke

    So I am a decedent of one of the earliest noble families in Scandinavia, the Skanke family, which is now a “dead” branch, so it is out written of directory of the nobility in Sweden.

    Far back we have the early kings of Scandinavia in our linage, and also go back to Henry I of England, kings of the isle of mann and Ulster on Ireland. Then some of the family settled in Norway and my ancester settled in the small village of Hackås, in Jämtland, north of Sweden. The allfather Karl Pedersson (1360-1423), that was the master of Hov in Hackås, but his son is the more famous one, Örjan Karlsson, Skanke, who was a knight and some sort of head of affairs, who lived 1400-1474.

    So why am I telling this, because I had an idea that since I want to portray a late 15th century knigh some day. Why not take my actual ancestry and try to portray how Örjan Karlsson would have looked, with his heraldry. So I tried to find sources on it. And in Hackås church they, claim, to have his lance:

    (Photo Maria: https://mariayarri.wordpress.com/ )

    But I was like, wait a minute. That does NOT look like a 15th century lance to me.

    So I googled some more and even though Örjan was a knight and they probably were some sort of nobility in the 15th century standards. They were not in the direction of nobility when they started it in the beginning of the 17th century. But a man named Nils Skunk claimed he was related to the Skanke family (or that he was a Skanke decendent) and thus he got the Skunk family into the directory of nobility, and he also used the Skanke heraldry, a long shank.

    So in the spirit of Nils fool proofing his claim to be Skanke decendent (maybe he was, I havent looked into it), he put an effort into bringing old Örjan in to the focus of things. And they restored his lance, and how did they restore things in the 1660s? They remodeled them. In those times you did not think that, oh wait, maybe in 400 years they would actually have wanted too see what they looked like orginal. No, they cared to make them look cool, in the standards of their time. Hence, all the curly rapier-looking pretty handle things. And a carabiner hook, that is certainly NOT 15th century…

    It is something to bear in mind, that just because something is very old, does not mean it looks like it did orginally. Different eras have different ways of keeping history.

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    Its alive!

    Horses and swords is alive again” One and a half year later, I am back!

    I kind of lost steam abit when I couldnt get the libraries up and running as I wanted, but now I found a solution that, at least I, think gives a pretty good overview.

    Often I come across manuscripts on both horses and swords that I then forget to save or save in different locations, or think I will remember, which I very seldom do. So this page is kind of my own little library on the web, but maybe others will find it interesting as well.

    I might update regarding my own adventures, but that is not really the focus for this page, I dont know if that is something people will turn to a blog for? If it is, let me know. Otherwise one can always follow me on instagram: Horsesandswords. I also have a ambition to maybe publish some of the things I find interesting.

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    Rossfechten weekend

    Just got back from an amazing weekend that was all about rossfechten and fencing. Since we aren’t that many people doing fencing on horseback, and we don’t really live that close together so we were a couple of friends who gathered this weekend to get to do some real training.

    Usually we mostly focus on swords, but this weekend we actually focused on mostly other things from horseback. Alot of lance technics. There is so much more to lances than just riding toward each other, there a fints, and disarming, and grabbing with two-hands and so on. So we looked at a bunch of those technics.
    Then of course we did some sparring, with swords, and also some grappling, although not that much.

    Since the horses gets tired faster than we do. We put in some foot fencing as well, so we did poleaxe (which I love) and I got to sparr with longsword and sword and buckler! I was so happy!

    It was a great weekend with a lot laugh, and alot of things learnt and to ponder!

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    Fencing training has begun

    January started a bit slow training-wise. My fencing clubs classes did not start until this week that was, but now finally its go time!

    Before I only taken sword and buckler class, but I felt I wanted to expand to longsword as so much revolves around the longswords terminology in Rossfechten, and also, I want to be able to handle a longsword! My rossfechten partner-in-crime is also taking longsword and sabre courses, but in a club nearer where she lives, but she decided to come and train at my club as well. So today we where both at the longsword class that started for the term. It was a bit slow for us, since, my friend already gone one term longsword, and even if I haven’t really trained longsword specifically I know the basic of it. But it was still fun, and hopefully we will soon start with the mastercuts, which is what I need to know.

    Then after 2 hours of longsword training, my sword and buckler class began, so total of about 3,5 hours training. And tomorrow I will do sidesword with the third rossfechten girl!

    So this spring I will train about 4 classes a week in fencing on foot! I really hope that will show in my fencing skills!

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    Not according to plan

    Things are NOT going according to plan.

    The plan was to sell Mod as soon as possible and get a new horse, either buy one if I by chance there is someone suitable out, or lend one until I found one to buy.
    Then one I would be able to have time to train for all the events this summer.
    But no.

    Mod is lame. I thought it was just that he strained himself playing in the muddy pen with his buddies. But 4 days later and he is still not better, so tomorrow I will go to the clinic.

    So not only I have a horse I cant sell. I have no horse to train with. I have cavalry training to attend, shows to practise for and technics and dressage I need to improve. I have clinics and training weekends further down the line that I need to plan for. And on top of that the money. Money I could have put into a new horse, or saddle.

    And on top of all that missing fencing training due to needing to go check on horse as he is on stable rest. And of course feeling sorry for Mod, for hurting….

    Yes, Im whining, but all these things adds up. Its not just that he is lame and that sucks. Its all that it entails.

    At the moment all I can do is wait. And I hate waiting, I want to be proactive, Im restless, I need to DO stuff!

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