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    Carolean weekend

    This weekend I was marching around in a small suburb to Gothenburg dressed in uniform. It was an autumn fair and our Carolean group had been asked to go around and give abit of flair to it. Unfortunately the weather was against us and was pretty rainy. Luckily we were not shooting, only marching around and talking to people. My gun was seriously rusting as I was looking at it.  But we talked to people, got photographed, drank coffee. On Sunday we ended it with going to an ice cream bar that was on the street and had some well deserved ice cream, it was really nice.

    I also trained some longsword with the Gothenburg Freefencers guild. It was my second training with them but it was really fun, we did some footwork and I really need to start doing more excising focusing on flexibility in my hip. Because Im getting the strenght, but really feel my stiffness is hindering me. To bad I will be gone for two weekends (they train on Sundays), but it will be other fencing related things, so it will be fine.

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    Battle of Torpa

    This weekend it was the Torpa stenhus medieval days, and my cavalry reenactment group performs at the event.

    I really think this event is one of the highlights of the summer, as the surroundings are just astonishing. Its this white washed castle by a lake, far out on the country side, and it is a fairly big market where everyone is living medieval style in tents. Its just such a cozy and warm atmosphere. And the battle is also really fun, as we meet fully plated guys so we can just go nuts and bash. The more furious we are, the happier the event master is!

    This year my horse wasnt really ready for it, so he stayed at home, therefore I thought I was just going as ground crew, but then one of the other riders had a spare horse, so I got to lend him. It was a bit of an adventure, as it was Jojjes, the horse, first event, and my first time ever riding him on the rehearsal friday evening, and then we had two shows, one saturday and one sunday. But he did splendid, I didnt push him to get into any real fights, but we followed the other horses, and got to clink some sword, so all in all it went really well.

    As I said we only had two performances during the entire weekend, so the rest of the time was spent walking the market, socializing, looking at the beautiful Torpa stenhus, go swimming in the lake, just enjoying it. Saturday evening some of the foot soldier guys where sparring in the camp, so I asked if I could join, and ended up sparring the entire evening. It was so much fun!

    All in all the weekend was amazing, I just love these little reality get aways ^^

    And here is some photos from the Torpa shows, photo cred and thanks to:  Dominique Lussenburg

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    Varberg Medieval Fair with real jousting

    This weekend I met up with some friends to go to the medieval fair at Varbergs fortress. I attended at lecture from Albrechts bössor that was named “Armour – the knight from the inside out”, but when they came into the room they where dressed in the usual 14-15th century foot soldier garbs, and I was like, No, are they gonna claim this is knight armour? Really?
    But I shouldnt have been worried, they really knew what they where talking about and the first thing they said was “you all been lied to, this is not the knights armour from the inside out, as you can all clearly see, we are not knights”. But apparently it was thought to draw in a bigger crowd if the word knight was used, which is probably true. All in all a very interesting lecture, even though I got to bit my tongue a few times to bite down the urge to answer some of the audience questions.

    The highlight of the visit was of course the knight tournament. Which for once, and maybe for the first time in Sweden, was authentic 15th century. It was conducted by the Stichting HEI, a group from the Netherlands, which of one of the members is Arne Koets, who I train for. This time they had three riders, Wendy and Bertus, who I also met in Germany and who where the combatants, and Wouter who was the judge.

    It was so nice to see the real stuff, the gear is amazing, and the riding is fantastic. They are all excellent riders, but there is something special with Wendy and her horse Yasta. I got to sparr with her in Germany, and they are so insync, and even though it sometimes gets intense, her riding is always so nice.

    After the show we visited them in the camp and looked at their saddles. My friends Kristian is a saddle maker and have made a couple of medieval saddles and Im hoping to get one in a not to distant future. So we both take every oppertunity we can to look at saddles first hand.


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    Show at Bohus Fästning

    This morning I loaded the trailer with horse and uniform and went the 10 minute ride to Bohus fästning where we were to perform with Bohus Elfsborgs Karoliner at the summer season opening of Bohus fästning.

    Mod was in a really, maybe not bad, but weird mood from the beginning. He did not want to stand still during preparation, and reacting to things he normally will not react to, so I don’t know what was with him. Our first thing was just to walk up to the fortress and then stand for a canon salute. Mod did really well, we hadn’t really practiced that much with canons this spring, but he reacted a little but not that much.

    However, later we were walking up to the fortress, standing in our line and then do our formations drill. Then suddenly he couldn’t stand in a line, he was just backing up. I think maybe he was expecting the canons, but I don’t know. Its like, formations we do all the time, we never have a problem with that, but it only shows, its animals we work with, not machines. But then when we started to walk, it went better.

    The third performance went okay as well, he only fell out one time, once again, when we where standing on a line, but then we went over to coloums on three and then it went fine. We went trough infantry, and that was no problem at all.

    People always look at Mod and says he is so calm and nice, nothing could ever be a problem with him, but the thing he no herd mentality which means that when he think it gets to much, he just barge away from it. So I dont ever want to push him to much, especially with audience, or in a new surrounding, cause if he decides, enough is enough, I cant stop him. And he does find the shots difficult.

    But all in all, it went good. I had a fun day with my friends and horses. Me and Matilda went on a very nice ride around the fortress, really beautiful surroundings and basking sun! Just wished it could been longer!

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    First show of the summer

    Tomorrow is the first if this summers performances. Its the season start for the fortress Bohus Fästning so it will be lots of activites and we will have two shows, one with just formations drills and one battle. Since Mod is not fully gun-proof and we havent trained with firearms at all this spring I said I will participate on the condition on only ride in the drill part.

    I remember last year on the first shows I was a part in. I was so nervous, just not about the show, but going away, just running trough my head time I need to go, things to pack and so on. Now, its totally different, I now time and place to be there, the rest will be figured out when I get there. I had almost forgot it was tomorrow, that is how little thought I give it, the feeling is almost just like its an ordinary training. But I guess its experience, I know whats expected, I know what we are doing, I know the drills.

    That is the good thing about Mod, I know how he behaves. First time Ill be going away with Tallhoffer on a show I will probably be a little more on my toes.

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    Eurohorse 2018

    I am a part of the Bohus Elfsborgs Caroliner. Which is a group portraying the Swedish cavalry late 17th  to early 18th century. I believe we are the only group in Scandinavia who reenact battle with horses, but I could be wrong. If someone knows others please let me know.

    And this weekend it was Eurohorse here in Gothenburg and our troop had a show everyday where we showed how we train and a little of what we do, to try and recruit more members. I could only participate today, but it was fun. It went quite well, only issue was that Mod did not want to walk over the tarpulin. But on the other hand he did great in canter in line with the others, which we always had issue with before. And I kind of think that is more important for a cavalry horse, as that is what we do. We seldom walk over tarpulins, although that is great to be able to do.

    Here is our performance in its entirety:


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