Probably the largest collection of HEMA resources is Wiktenauer  where you can find a vast majority of the manuscripts and technics, with original texts and translation. However, there are not that many you can download, if you want, like me, to be able to print them.
Therefore I have tried to compile a library of downloadable manuscripts that is available online.

There are three categories:

  • Online single manuscripts: Single manuscripts already online, where you will have a link to the page.
  • Online collections. Already compiled collections online.
  • Wiktenauer compilations: These are the texts from Wiktenauer, only I have put them into a document, so its easy to print it.


Wiktenauer compilations:

Andres Lignitzer – Short Sword and Sword and Buckler


Online Manuscripts

Fiore de’i Liberi – The Flower Battle-1409

Hanko Döbringer fechtbuch (Cod.HS.3227a) – 1389

Duke of Newcastle William Cavendish book from 1667

Maurice’s Strategikon 6th-9th century


Online collections

Svenska HEMA förbundet – manuscripts translated to Swedish