A New Chapter

A New Chapter

I always been a little lost in what path I want to take in life, and these past years I starting to understand myself better and more what I need, and getting to know what my priorities in life are. A number of thing just made it clear that I needed changes and if Im going to do it, now is the time. Plans that fell through led up to that I choose to apply for 2 year long program in millinery, and the crazy thing is I got in!

For those who dont know, millinery is the craft of making ladies hats and accessories. It is a very hands on profession, and you get to learn how to craft in several different materials. Its also often smaller projects, which means you can put more time into it. Its doable to bead a smaller hat within reason, but it may not be possible in the same way to bead a whole dress as intriquate. For example.

The process of application

For those curious in how the application process was, it started with that you needed to apply with work sample. You had one A3 page to show whole garments you sewn, and one A3 to show details and a third you where to show a collection on a theme, and this years theme was “Breaking patterns”.

My collection was of course inspired by historic hats. I wanted to break the pattern of the minimalistic style of hats that is very modern today and bring back some of the flare of old fashion. Pressing the comfort zone but not so much that people just say no. I am for real so proud and excited by the hats in my little collection, and I do hope I can actually make them some day!

After the application with the work samples, it was a long wait to see if I was called for the test day. And I was! I was so nervous, as the only information was that it was a sewing test, a sketching test and an interview. And I have sewn, but I am not a seamstress, and I am totally self taught, so I am not very familiar with all the correct words. And sketching is not my best area…. I can manage, but Im not very good at it.

And then the day came, I could hardly sleep and hardly eat. But it wasnt too bad. We where given a pattern and fabric and instructions and where to show some stitching. And then we had too design a little thing with given material. Which I guess was to show creativity, and then sketch some hats. I mean it was tough because I really wanted to show of my best, and you dont know really what they want. But for my creativity thing I went with showing that I could think out side the box and different technics, rather than just making the most beautiful creation ever.

Apparently it worked, as last Friday I got the letter saying that I got in and Im welcome the 22 august for 2 years of millinery!

My dream is to have my own little studio where I make historical hats!

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