Can you change your stars

A qoute from one of my favourite movies, and a fitting theme for my life at the moment. One year into my millinery studies, one year to go. Trying to change my life into something that is sustainable, not only economically, but maybe even more important, both mentally and physically.

For years I tried the conventional, academic way, I worked in an office for over 8 years, and more and more frequent my body just broke down, and my mental energy was always drained. Now days I feel more myself than I have done for years. I will not go so far to say I feel great, I still have a lot of struggles, but I am not in physical pain as much, and I dont go around in a grey daze all the time.

I spoke to a fellow artisan a couple of weeks ago* and he talked about this that to sell you need to put yourself out there which is really hard. You need to be that nagging person who shares your work constantly and pushes yourself with social media posts, even though you feel like the most annoying person ever. Because that is how you reach people now days, that is how people get information, online and you need be seen. Yes, some very lucky can get aroung by the word of mouth, but I know so many superskilled amazing talanted artists that still do not sell, and then people who is not as skilled grow due to their online precense.

*[and in parenthesis, I am a artisan now, which for me is such a strange thing to say. I guess for all my life I never thought that was a path for me, it was not sustainable, could not be my real job. But here I am, working with my hands, selling my craft, I literally made by my own hand, stitched every stiched, know ever inch of it]

Where am I going with this? Well, during my mini vacation, things felt like they started to fall into place in my head, I want a place to create, I love writing, photography, crafting, and it is, and has always been, all over the place, and I havent really had a place to collect it all. I also miss longer texts, instagram gets to crammed, so I thought lets start the blog again. In the spirit of putting one self out there. And I didnt want to create a new platform, I have so many, my hat, my horse, my dog, my own and so forth. So I thought why not on horses and swords, that is what my passion is, and if I have that as an umbrella maybe I have some sort of direction. Or maybe not, we will see.

Me and Talhoffer in our own forest- the dream goal
Photo by me

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