Preparing for the vacation

I am back to my ordinary job for a week and a half which means office work, today it was kind of okay as the rain was pouring down. And in two weeks its Gotland time, I have been thinking of maybe sewing a new pair of hoses, to have a mans dress as well.

The big project at the moment is finding a dog sitter, unfortunatley the cabin on Gotland doesnt allow dogs, which is such a shame, because as everything is out doors, it wouldnt be an issue of bringing her in any other aspect. It is a bit of stress right now, even though I now it will be solved some way or another. One aspect is that I feel as such a bother to others, even though I know Speja is a very easy to have and is really a little delight to be around.

I was very sceptical the first year of Gotland medieval week, 2021, and to be honest it wasnt very fun in aspect of the medieval week, as everyone I was around just spent their time complaining on how much more fun it was before and how lame it was now. An yes, it was lame, because everyone spent the energy complaining instead of hanging out and actually having fun. But I just loved Visby. I dont know how to explain it, I just loved it. I been to Visby when I was younger, and knew it was charming and cute, but it was amazing. All the old buildings, the stone walls, so much rustic energy.
Last year was better, I had more fun, but I also took more responsibility of my own experience, I went to a kulning work shop (herding call), met up with friends. And I have a good feeling of this year, I also kind of, not lowered, but changed my expectation. I just want to embrace the atmosphere and just BE in it, if that makes sense. So I have a really good feeling about 2023…. Just need to solve my Speja issue

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