About me

~Just a silly girl with a horse and stick ~

My name is Linda Ersson and I live in Gothenburg in Sweden, and I have a andalusian gelding named Talhoffer.

History and horses has always been two of my passions. I was that kid who never got bored of dusty old museums and was every history teachers worst nightmare cause I, for the most part, new more about the subject than they did.

I studied dress and interior art history at Uppsala University and have taken several independent history courses. For over ten years I sailed on traditional sailing ships and now for the last couple of years my focused has been on historical combat on both foot and mounted. 

My main focus area for sword fightning is the middle ages, and I train sword and buckler, longsword, pollaxe and rossfechten (mounted combat). I dabble in some other things, but those are my main weapons. 

I am also in a reenactment group that portrays battle of the Swedish 18th century Caroleans called Bohus Elfsborgh Caroliner. We travel around in Scandinavia showcasing both battle and camps.