Rossfechten Symposium 2022

After three years it was finally time, the yearly Rossfechten Symposium in Germany. It is a fantastisk event that gather great riders and fencer from all over the world. Last time we had a horse bus, but since this time we travelled with a trailer we made an over-night stay in Denmark. Benina that has the over-night stable is just such a gem, she is always so happy and accomodating, and upon arrival the horses got their own outdoor pasture and then indoor stalls for the night.

We arrived at our destination Thursday evening and it was such a blast to meet everyone again, and also to meet new people! As many already arrived we did some pre-symposium training with some formations training in the morning with the horses. Very calmly, just to get the horses used to each other. Then in the afternoon we took a very quite hack up to the castle up the hill. It is such a beautiful place.

Saturday it was to be an early bird, managing all the horsy chores before a nice breakfast at the inn next door and then after breadkfast we had a workshop on horseback with Jeff Sanders. Looking at how to use shoulder in to create space and draw in the other person. Very intresting, and something I actually used in sparring later! Then after lunch it was workshop on foot with basic sword drills. Then we had formations on horseback and the people not on horses got to do a pike formations that we rode through. Talhoffer did really well until we made the final big think, which involved all horses and the foot people moved and so one, then he thought it was a bit much.

Afterwards we did some sparring and I focused very much on keeping calm and letting Talhoffer have a good time. And I thought it went well, even though I could feel he was pretty tired, so I didnt push him to much.

In the evening later we had a very intresting lecture from Marcin Ruda regarding the medieval saddle and it was very intresting.

Sunday it was again, up early and then we had a very facinating workshop with Malmluk lance by Jennifer Jobst. It was like a combination of garrocha and lance, two of my favourie things! Really great!
In the afternoon we did some sparring and then in the evening, again, a very intresting lecute by Dr Fredrich Kirsch regarding the ancient and medieval bit and their development and finds. Just mind blowing.

All in all it was a great weekend and Im so proud of my horse, so much inspiration and motivation! Cant wait until next time!

Photo cred and big thank you to Amanda Melchior