Show Costume Making

I love upcycling clothes, it’s feels both good for the environment but also it’s nice to not needing to do things from scratch. Make use of what you have, so when I got the opportunity to create a costume for the show artist LuQas I was very excited.

As a base an Armani jacket was found at a thrift storem it had a very nice fit and a nice blue colour with gold buttons, and pair of Brothers trousers in a similar blue and a shirt.

The jacket was then remodelled to get a more tail-coat feel. He wanted the costume have a Cirque du solei kind of feel, but not be to circusy. So it was lined with gold trim, but only the edges, and in the back it was split and sewn two buttons. The trim was then also used to make a string to be able to get the jacket more slim fitted.

As the jacket got shortened in the front I would have wanted high wanted pants, but since they are hard to come by a cummerbund was instead sewn to tie the suit together. The pants got the trim sewn on them for that uniform look.